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SPECIAL projects

Every year we choose one or two Special Projects to work on outside of our core business.  These projects align with our values which include the preservation of Māori culture, innovation and well-being through the art of creativity.



Label Services, Project Management & Live Show Producer (2020)


The legacy of Pixie Williams, the evocative voice behind the number one 1949 hit Blue Smoke, continues with the reimagined album The New Blue.  Containing 11 tracks of reworked gems, recorded by a collection of contemporary Kiwi vocalists, the album celebrates the enduring yet brief singing career of New Zealand’s first number one pop song vocalist and wāhine Māori artist.

Alongside a healthy collection of composer Ruru Karatiana’s works, the album features a tune by another great songwriter of the time, Sam Freedman; responsible for writing the iconic Haere Mai.  First recorded in 1949, and now reimagined and recorded in te reo Māori, Freedman’s Māoriland is a fitting bridge between eras, when recording in te reo would not have been a consideration.

Audiences had chance to hear The New Blue in a live setting with Kirsten Te Rito, Rachel Fraser, Lisa Tomlins, Riki Gooch, Mark  Sommerville and Jacqui Nyman bringing these songs to life at the Dunedin Arts Festival and Wanaka's Festival of Colour.

Album artwork - Jaime Robertson, iThink Creative

found in translation

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 8.50.52 AM.png

Producer & Agent (2021)


Sometimes the songs we fall in love with are not the songs their writers intended. And while the language of music may be universal, our interpretations can be deeply personal.


Three of Aotearoa’s award-winning songwriters, Julia Deans, Mel Parsons

and Bella Kalolo, come together to share and celebrate the stories and

true meanings of their songs.In this intimate, powerful, and bound-to-be humorous show, Julia, Mel and Bella explore how songwriters translate

their experiences, thoughts and feelings into songs that listeners then re-interpret as their own.Found in Translation is a coming together to share

and celebrate the stories behind the true meanings of these kiwi wahine’s songs. All three are known for their frank humour and honesty - and are genuine crack-ups, so this is gonna be funny as and will probably make

you cry too!

courtenay creative

Project Manager (2018)


Jamie Selkirk & Kristy Grant launched Courtenay Creative in 2018.  Aston Rd was brought on board to Project Manage the opening which was a week long of spectacular events to launch this beautiful central Wellington space.  The events included the VIP opening night, a 5 day Halloween Exhibition curated by Gino Acevedo (WETA) and an event hosting Harry & Meagan showcasing the scope of the Wellington creative industry including sculpture, music, fashion design and virtual reality.


Since its inception, its offering has evolved to present as a unique venue for hosting a variety of events such as corporate celebrations & meetings, along-with exhibitions, shows and private events.

Courtenay Creative is owned by Oscar award winning Editor and Co-Founder of Weta Workshop & WETA DIGITAL, Jamie Selkirk & wife, Ann.

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