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We offer one-to-one mentoring for self/managed and independent artists at any stage of your career.

Sessions cover everything from the business of music, artist development, music industry introductions, marketing and promotion, live shows and touring,  release strategy, content creation, distribution and goal setting.

We help you to navigate challenges by sharing information about our own experiences, as well as providing practical guidance, motivation and support.

Sessions are tailor-made to suit your needs.

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Aston Rd provides tailor-made workshops and seminars for music industry organisations around the country.

Some of the organisations we've worked with;

Te Auaha Performing Arts, Pao Pao Pao, MMF NZ, Te Mangai Paho, Hawkes Bay Music Hub and Sole Music Academy.

In 2022 we will be launching a series of Artist Development workshops and masterclasses for emerging artists.  

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"Self-management is not easy. When I'm trying to do everything myself, being able to call on Cushla – who can look at the situation with an objective eye – is vital. She's a great sounding board, offering honest appraisals on all matters and helping me to see the whole forest, not just the trees!" - Julia Deans

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