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coaching for creatives


Welcome to Aston Rd Coaching for Creatives.

Working in the creative industries can be both exciting and daunting. It’s not unusual to feel stuck, isolated or unsupported, and even when the wheels are turning it can seem as though we aren’t going anywhere.  

When it comes to coaching think about all of the great sports people around the globe. We know that each one of these individuals and teams will have a coach working alongside them to help identify, prioritise and action their goals.  It’s no different for anyone working in the creative communities, the process is the same.

I’m Cushla, a full-time Music Manager and Accredited Coach. I have been working alongside creatives in various capacities for well over a decade. As a Music Manager, someone who works behind the scenes, I see the highs and the lows and have experienced them myself. I also know that with practical tools and guidance you can create positive changes and thrive.

I’m motivated by helping people find clarify and to feel inspired and empowered by their own talents and capabilities.

Learn more about coaching here.

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